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Getting started

You are ready to go! You have registered an account, received your individual account access by e-mail and assigned a password.

Thanks to auto tracking, virtually no coding is needed

The standard tag in the website header is enough for etracker to automatically record the most important information:

  • All page views and allocation to areas based on the URL structure
  • All external, mailto and telephone link calls as well as downloads as click events
  • Playable media (videos, podcasts, music) as events
  • Scroll events per page 0-9%, 10-24% etc.
  • Classification of traffic by medium (direct, search, referrer)
  • Recording and matching of Google campaign parameters (UTM)

Any clicks on other elements can be recorded as events clicks, views, funnel steps and conversions (website goals) using CSS selectors and wizards.

Just follow these steps:

(1) Integrate tracking code
(2) Adapt data protection notice
(3) Activate cookies via Consent Management (optional)
(4) Campaign Tracking and Conversion Upload
(5) Important settings to be made
(6) Measure click and view events without coding
(7) Define conversions via wizard
(8) Advanced functions
(9) External processing of data

(1) Integrate Tracking Code

In order to use etracker, the tracking code must be integrated once into all pages of the website. The tracking code is provided in your account settings when you log in. The tracking with etracker Analytics is asynchronous, so that the loading speed of the content is not affected.

The code can be inserted into the HTML either manually or using a plug-in. Here you will find instructions for all common CMS and shop systems with links to the extensions. The shop extensions ensure that product calls and shopping baskets are tracked, similar to the Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking of Google Analytics.

If you use a different shop system and the Google Enhanced Ecommerce Plugin (directly and not via the Google Tag Manager), etracker will take over the measurement by making an addition in the etracker tracking code.

Alternatively, the product and shopping cart information can be transferred via etracker eCommerce Tracking.

There are also instructions for integration via Google Tag Manager. Please note that the German supervisory authorities consider the use of Google Tag Manager to be subject to consent. In this case, the advantage of consent-free tracking with etracker Analytics cannot be used or is associated with additional legal risks.