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etracker login via SAML SSO

etracker users with an Enterprise license have the option of conveniently logging into their account via a SAML Single Sign-On (SAML SSO) and thus controlling access rights securely and centrally.

To do this, log into your etracker account and go to Settings → Integration → Account → Integrations → Login with SAML Single Sign-on:

In the following, we will show you how to set up SAML SSO using Azure Ad as an example:

For the configuration, settings must be made in etracker and Azure Ad. Therefore, admin rights are a prerequisite in both tools.

Log in to Azure Ad and click on the Azure Active Directory icon:

Now click on Enterprise Applications in the menu

Create the application you need by clicking the New Application button.

Enter an internal name for the app and leave the setting at Integrate any other applications not found in the catalog:

The application is now created and can be configured. To do this, click on Log in once:

Next, select SAML here:

Click Edit in the 1st step to make the SAML configuration:

Add both an identifier via the Add identifier button and a response URL via the Add response URL button:

You can copy both from your etracker account:

Save the entered data by clicking the Save button:

In the third step, download the certificate in Base64 format:

The downloaded certificate will be uploaded in etracker under Certificate (Base64):

In addition, the data for the URL for login and Azure Ad identifier are copied from step 4

and pasted into etracker accordingly under Identifier ID and Response URL:

This completes the configuration and a co-user who is allowed to log into the etracker account can be created.

To create a co-user, proceed as follows:

Select the menu item Users and Groups:

Add a new user by clicking the Add user/group button:

Open the list of users from the Azure Ad via the None selected button and select the desired user:

The selected user will be assigned to the created application in the next step:

Now click on the created user and …

copy the stored e-mail address:

Create the user with this email address in etracker under Settings → Account → User management. The created user can now log in via SSO and no longer needs a password:

After creating a user, SAML Login can be selected in the etracker login screen, the account ID can be entered and the user can log in via Azure Ad: