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Set up your custom tracking domain

Avoid data loss due to ad blocking

In certain configurations, ad blockers such as Ghostery and Adblock Plus prevent the collection of data with etracker Analytics, although etracker respects the privacy of the user and data protection regulations are observed.

By means of a custom tracking domain, these browser extensions do not interfere with etracker Analytics, as ad blockers usually do not block scripts originating from the same domain.

The use of a custom tracking domain can be added to any etracker Analytics Edition. After activation you can start the setup in your account.

To do this, log in to your etracker account, go to Settings → Integration → Tracking code and click the Custom Tracking Domain button.

In the first step, define a name for your custom tracking domain (subdomain). This should be based on the name of your website domain.

Website domain name:
Possible/recommended name for your custom tracking domain:

The desired custom tracking domain must be unique, i.e. not already assigned elsewhere.

Paste the address of your subdomain into the URL field and click Download Certificate Signing Request (CSR). With the CSR you create a corresponding TLS/SSL certificate at your Certificate Authority (CA).

We recommend a multi-domain certificate with a validity of one year and 2048 bit key length.

At your DNS service provider you set up a CNAME record from your tracking domain to Please note that “customer2” is not a placeholder and remains unchanged.

Upload the TLS/SSL certificate you received from your certification authority and click Save. If the configuration was successful, the expiration date of your certificate will be displayed.

An etracker tracking code customized for your custom tracking domain is now waiting for you to be copied:

Replace this customized code with the existing etracker code on your website. Please make sure that any manually set parameters are not changed and that the requirements for the use of consent management solutions are implemented.

If you integrate the code using an etracker plugin, you will find the option to enter your custom tracking domain in the plugin settings.