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Opt-out Alternatives

In order to inform visitors to your website about the use of etracker in accordance with the law and to give them the opportunity to exercise their right to object to data processing, we provide you with a sample text in your account. You can find this under Settings → Account → Data protection notice and right to object and can simply copy & paste it into your data protection notice. By using the slider, your visitors can object to data processing.

Please make sure that your main domain, on which etracker is used, is entered correctly in the text!

Example 1: Checkbox

<input type=“checkbox“ data-tld=“yourdomain.com“ id=“trackingAllowed“ value=“true“/>
  <span>Tracking erlauben</span>
  <script type=“text/javascript“>
  function initTrackingCheckBox(id)  
  var checkBox = document.getElementById(id);
  checkBox.checked = _etracker.isTrackingEnabled();
  checkBox.onclick = function ()  
  var tld = this.getAttribute('data-tld');
  this.checked ? _etracker.enableTracking(tld) : _etracker.disableTracking(tld);  

Example 2: Link

Please expand the example so that the visitor receives feedback after clicking on the link and his action can be reversed if necessary.

<a href=”javascript:_etracker.disableTracking(‘yourdomain.com’)”>Tracking deaktivieren</a>

Three possible JS-API functions

Three JS-API functions can be used, as shown in the integration examples above:

Check Tracking Status (in response you will get either „true“ or „false“)


Disable Tracking


Enable Tracking