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Conversion Upload Guide

You want to upload Facebook Ads conversions from etracker Analytics back to Facebook?

Unfortunately, this is not as easy to do as for Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. This is because Facebook only allows the upload of external offline event data by means of personal data such as the email address of the respective user in order to carry out a comparison with the corresponding Facebook or Instagram accounts. The email address of users who have triggered conversions via Facebook Ads is of course not available in etracker Analytics for data protection reasons. 

The actual upload must therefore take place from your own CRM system. The orders that are assigned to Facebook Ads can be taken from etracker Analytics. By combining both data sources, the upload to Facebook Ads can finally be carried out.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Create an offline event set via the Facebook Business Manager and assign it to your advertising account with activated auto-tracking.
  2. Create your own configuration of the order report in your etracker account under eCommerce Reports → Conversions → Orders with the attribute Medium on the far left and the filter Social Media. Save these settings as your own configuration.
  3. Generate a CSV file with the order data and the corresponding email addresses of the customers – according to the example file that you can find in the Facebook Events Manager – after selecting the created offline event set and clicking on Upload Events
  4. Upload the CSV file in the Events Manager by dragging your file into the highlighted field or adding it from your computer.
  5. Next, select Next: Map Data, then Next: Review and Start Upload if no error or warning messages appear.

Facebook’s Offline Conversions API can also be used for the upload from your CRM solution. The upload can also be automated with workflow services such as Zapier, see https://zapier.com/apps/facebook-lead-ads/

Please note that the processing of the conversion upload to Facebook from CRM systems enriched with web analytics data should be evaluated and designed in accordance with data protection law!