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Activate etracker cookies

If you use a Consent Management Tool on your website, please note this information:

Tracking with etracker does not require the consent of the website visitor, so that no consent via a content banner has to be obtained

etracker Analytics is provided without cookies by default since the 5.x code. For this purpose, we have deactivated the setting of cookies in the etracker script – as described in the following documentation – with the setting data-block-cookies=”true”.

In this way, etracker in contrast to other analytics solutions offers excellent evaluation options for visits and user interaction without requiring the explicit consent of the website visitors. Optionally, etracker cookies can be activated to determine unique visitor numbers and customer journeys. But: The website visitor must have explicitly agreed to the use of cookies before switching them on!

If you would like to use etracker for customer journey tracking with cookies, we provide the API calls described below to set or issue cookies for the respective website visitor. However, standard session tracking can still be carried out using etracker without consent to etracker cookies.

You will find specific integration instructions for the following content management solutions as well as for integration into your own solutions:

  • Usercentrics
  • Borlabs Cookie
  • Consentmanager
  • Cookiebot
  • OneTrust
  • Own solution


Make sure that the etracker script is always run – regardless of any consent banners and regardless of any consent of the website visitor.

If you do not use cookies or scripts requiring consent for etracker or other services, our recommendation is: Leave the default setting data-block-cookies=”true” in the etracker script and do not use any consent banners or obtain (unnecessarily) consent for tracking with etracker.

But if you use cookies or scripts requiring consent in addition to etracker: You can also use the consent banner to obtain permission to set etracker cookies and then use the consent banner to control the setting of etracker cookies according to the following documentation.


etracker Analytics is provided without cookies by default. In the etracker script, the setting of cookies is prevented by this attribute:


This makes the complete tracking code look like this:

<!-- Copyright (c) 2000-2020 etracker GmbH. All rights reserved. -->
<!-- This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed -->
<!-- without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. -->
<!-- etracker tracklet 5.0 -->
<script type="text/javascript">
//var et_pagename = "";
//var et_areas = "";
//var et_tval = "";
//var et_tonr = "";
//var et_tsale = 0;
//var et_basket = "";
<script id="_etLoader" type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" data-block-cookies="true" data-respect-dnt="true" data-secure-code="XxXxXx" src="//static.etracker.com/code/e.js"></script>
<!-- etracker tracklet 5.0 end -->

We provide the following three API calls for the integration of etracker Analytics in consent management solutions:

1 Activates the setting of cookies


2 Disables the setting of cookies


3 Checks if etracker cookies may be set

_etracker.areCookiesEnabled() (Response: true oder false)

ATTENTION: The API calls only work if the attribute data-block-cookies=”true” is set in the tracking code. If etracker cookies are blocked for users, A/B tests and smart messages from the etracker Optimiser are not played.