Free Web Analysis for Smaller Shops and Websites

etracker Analytics Pro with up to 25,000 tracking requests* per month inclusive

Web analysis without consent data loss & without US data transfer

  • By default without cookies
  • Consent-free tracking
  • Audited GDPR compliant

Professional web analysis and conversion tracking

  • Easy & quick to integrate into all standard systems
  • Opt-in free conversion tracking with automatic upload to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads
  • Individually segmentable visitor, content, marketing & eCommerce reports

Get your free web analysis in two steps

Step 1: Test etracker Analytics 30 days free of charge!

  • 30-day trial with access to all etracker Analytics features & Signalize Free
  • Completely non-binding: No obligations, no cancellation necessary, no credit card required.
  • Fill out the form, confirm the GTC & the Data Processing Agreement, click the Start free trial button – done!

Step 2: Pick the perfect package!

  • During the 30-day test period, you decide if you want to continue tracking and choose the suitable edition .
  • Use the Upgrade button in your etracker account to select the perfect package.
  • If you choose the Pro Edition including 25,000 tracking requests*/month, there are no licence fees.

*Tracking requests (measurement calls): Measured page views, events and external campaign forwardings. Measurement calls exceeding the quota are charged at € 1.40 per thousand

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