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etracker Analytics Integration in Joomla


An etracker account and access to the corresponding individual etracker tracking code. You can find the tracking code as (main) user in your account under Account Info → Integration → Tracking Code or directly under this URL: https://newapp.etracker.com/#/report/trackInfo.

If you don’t have direct access to the etracker account, the tracking code can be sent to you by e-mail. Therefore, the (main) user simply enters the corresponding email and clicks on Send.

To integrate the tracking code into the website, the template (theme) must be edited. The exact editing depends on the template used and is unfortunately not uniform.

The following steps are required for the standard template on Joomla 3.x sites:

  1. Log in to the administrator area of the website.
  2. Go to Extensions Templates Templates.
  3. Click on Protostar Details and Files.
  4. Open the file index.php, which shows the source code of the template.
  5. Paste the tracking code directly under <head> and click Save.

Many themes for Joomla already contain the script for Google Analytics. In this case, you can usually search for it and simply replace the code.

If you use a consent management tool, follow the additional guidelines to prevent blocking of non-consent tracking.