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Developer APIs

etracker provides several RESTful APIs for essential backend functions, which can be used for the processes listed below. Furthermore, under the Data Services section, you’ll find the description of the APIs to retrieve data tracked with etracker.

To the technical documentation (API Reference)

User Management

The User Management API (Authorisation Profiles and User API) allows the management of rights and roles from third-party systems.

The interface for user management is available to you in the etracker Analytics Enterprise Edition. To use it, you need an access token. This can be created by an administrator/(main) user in the etracker account under Settings → Account → Integrations. To do this, assign a designation, select permissions and users as the purpose, and click on Add. The appropriate access token will be generated and made available for adoption.

Click here for technical documentation.

Certificate Upload for Custom Tracking Domains

We recommend using a new certificate for tracking via your own domain, which can be created and uploaded via Settings → Tracking Code → Website Code.

Alternatively, an existing certificate (comprising a certificate, intermediate certificate, and key) can be sent to etracker using the Certificate API.

Click here for technical documentation.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

With the Single Sign-On (SSO) API, you can link directly from third-party systems to appropriate etracker reports.

Click here for technical documentation.

If a SAML identity solution (e.g., Azure AD or SharePoint) is used, access to the etracker application via SAML SSO can also be managed.

etracker Account Creation

Technology partners of etracker can create etracker accounts directly from third-party systems like plugins, so users don’t have to be directed to the etracker website first.

For the assignment of externally created test accounts, an etracker partner ID is required. This can be obtained as part of a partnership agreement from etracker Partner Management.

Click here for technical documentation.

Lead-to-Sale Conversion

In many cases, business initiations take place on the website (leads), but the actual conversion occurs afterward (sales). This is the case, for example, with inquiries or test phases. If you want to evaluate the campaign success in etracker Analytics based on the generated sales, the Lead to Sale Confirmation API can be used.

Click here for technical documentation.