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Tracking conversion actions

With the help of conversion tracking, you can determine how many of your visitors have reached a website target. Conversion tracking is particularly important for controlling campaigns. To prevent ads from going nowhere and burning money senselessly, the decisive parameter is not the number of clicks, but the conversions generated by the number of clicks or, in the case of orders, the turnover generated by them.

In etracker analytics, conversions are divided into orders (leads & sales) and funnel conversions. The latter are desired interactions without different (sales) values. Typical (non-monetary) targets are:

  • Enquiry via contact form, email or telephone
  • Registration of a customer account
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Brochure download

Setting up conversion tracking for (non-monetary) targets is particularly easy. Because this does not require any website programming. Conversion funnels can be set up conveniently via the configurator in etracker analytics without any intervention in the HTML or the tracking code.

As soon as the conversion actions are set up as conversion funnels, they are available in almost all basic reports and can be automatically uploaded to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Two important key figures for evaluating funnel conversions

Two important key figures are available in almost all reports for measuring and evaluating your conversion actions: funnel conversions (formerly Visits with target achievements) and All funnel conversions.

Funnel conversions

Number of visits that led to at least one conversion action. 

With this key figure, only one conversion per visit is counted, regardless of whether several different funnels or individual funnels were run through several times. In this way, it can be determined how many visits have led to at least one desired conversion action. 

All funnel conversions

Every interaction that led to a conversion action.

With this key figure, all conversions per visit are counted, regardless of whether different funnels or individual funnels were run through several times. In this way, it can be determined how many conversion actions were carried out in total. 


The mathematical sum of the individual Funnels conversions per funnel from the Conversion funnel report does not have to correspond to the key figure Funnels conversions in other basic reports!

This is due to the fact that several conversion actions can be carried out during one visit.