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Cookies used

Strictly necessary or required cookies

NamePurposeStorage durationTypeExample value
et_allow_cookiesWhen using data-block-cookies, this cookie is set to "1" by the API call _etracker.enableCookies() to indicate that etracker is allowed to set cookies. The cookie will be deleted when _etracker.disableCookies() is called."1" - 480 daysFirst-party, local storage1, 1|1612600938445
et_oi_v2Opt-In Cookie stores the visitor's decision when the tracking opt-in is played on the customer's page. Also used for an eventual opt-out."no" - 50 years
"yes" - 480 days
First-party, local storageyes, no|3138274773810
et_scroll_depthData for the scroll depth measurementBrowser sessionSession storage{"foo":{"buckets":{"0":{"stayTime":954594,"to":9,"from":0},"10":{"stayTime":954594,"from":10,"to":24},"25":{"stayTime":0,"from":25,"to":49},"50":{"stayTime":0,"from":50,"to":74},"75":{"stayTime":0,"from":75,"to":100},"101":{"stayTime":0,"from":101,"to":1000000}},"tm":1561467961409,"lastBuckets":["0","10"]}}
isSdEnabledDetection of whether the scroll depth is measured for the visitor.24 hours First-partytrue or false
et_cssSelectorsCache for the configured CSS Selector events. Only active for set events.Browser sessionSession storage[
"id": 3,
"url": "*",
"cssSelector": "#js-fixed-button > a > button",
"category": "cssSelector",
"object": "nextTEST",
"action": "click",
"type": "cssSelectorId:3",
"eventType": "EVENT_TYPE_CLICK",
"isOnsiteCampaign": false,
"onsiteCmp": "",
"onsiteMed": "",
"segmentSource": "",
"segmentValue": ""
et_cssSelectorsLoadedState for the cache of configured CSS Selector events.Browser sessionSession storagetrue|false

Analytical or functional cookies (blocked by default)

NamePurposeStorage durationTypeExample value
_et_coid Cookie recognition720 days or configurableFirst-party, local storage108bf9a85547edb1108bf9a85547edb1
BT_sdcContains Base64-encoded data of the current visitor session (referrer, number of pages, number of seconds since the start of the session, smart messages displayed in the session), which is used for personalization purposes.Duration of the sessionFirst-party

BT_pdcContains Base64 encoded visitor history data (is customer, newsletter recipient, visitor ID, smart messages displayed) for personalization.1 yearFirst-partyeyJldGNjX2N1c3QiOjAsImVj...GNjX25l

BT_eclContains a list of project IDs for which the visitor is excluded. This cookie is set by the web service if the client has configured that not all visitors are assigned to a test, but only to a certain fraction.30 days First-partyBT-6037799f213de9e9961facc224b69
signalizeIsSubscriber When using Signalize: Notes whether a visitor is also a Signalize subscriber. The entry is only set if this is the case. If the subscriber unsubscribes, the entry is deleted during the next PI.Until unsubscription*Local storagetrue
signalizeSubscriptionChecked When using Signalize: Prevents rechecking a subscription on every PI → reduces server requests. Set only if the visitor is a subscriber.Browser sessionSession storagetrue

*By means of a virtual expiration date (timestamp), no more data is read out after this point in time has been exceeded and the corresponding entry is removed.