Future-proof Management of all Web, App & Marketing Activities

etracker’s web analysis frees you from the need for consents and cookies. This guarantees you the maximum data basis for the perfect overview and deep insights into traffic, engagement and conversions.

Manage ads without data loss

Track all conversions unaffected by consents and forward
them anonymously server-side to the marketing platforms.

For those who would rather maximize conversions than clicks –
only takes a few minutes to set up:





Add tracking parameters to ads.

Create conversion actions (order, event or engagement).

Configure conversion upload.

Select bidding strategy

Interactive Dashboard

See crucial changes at a glance

All key metrics and movements in the dashboard.

Change the time period from week to month etc.
Click on a metric to view details.
Create top lists from the dimensions and metrics that are relevant to you.
Dynamic Segmentation

Gain deep insights and get to the core of causes

Use the drill-down function and segment comparisons to uncover optimisation issues.

Combine segment dimensions for “diving” into the data.
Change the segment order in the drill-down via drag & drop.
Use filters to uncover trends, anomalies and correlations.
Intuitive Report UI

Easy to use for all to better understand
user behaviour and optimisation potential

UX Analytics

How far and how long do my visitors scroll?

The data is collected automatically, the analysis is available as a report or map directly with display of the respective page.

Form field analysis showing interactions and errors per field.
Basic Reports

How do visitor flows change? What content do my visitors interact with?

Automatic recording of all page views, navigation areas and standard events to optimise content and usability.
Visualisation of the top paths in the visit.
Funnel analyses of target processes configurable via wizard.
Marketing Reports

How successful are my campaigns?

For success instead of unnecessary expenditure, precise evaluations of engagement and conversions are needed. This can only be guaranteed in a Consent-free manner.

Recording of the medium of origin and referrers.
Campaign link management and UTM parameter matching.
Automatic upload of conversions to Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.
eCommerce Reports

How can I boost the success of my shop?

Linking campaign and product range analyses in particular provides valuable insights for optimisation.

The entire purchase process and even cancellations and returns.
Unique Tops-Flops analysis as a matrix with product interest to transactions.
Allocation of individual orders to marketing channels and campaigns.
Advanced Functions

This makes marketers’ and analysts’ hearts beat faster

REST Reporting Interface &
Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) Connector

Access all UI data via API and transfer it to your own
data warehouse or dynamic Excel tables.
Use the etracker Connector for the Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) to process the anonymised data.

Client- &
User Management

Make data available to all relevant actors and
create an unlimited number of user accounts.
Simply switch between different accounts via
single sign-on.

Alarms- &
Email Reporting

Don’t waste time and be informed immediately
about major changes.
Create reports per wizard, which are sent
automatically on a regular basis to selected recipients.

raw data exports

Use the data in BI systems and work with the most granular data sets with timestamp
and user ID per interaction.
Simply enable in settings and
retrieve automatically.

Privacy First
App Analytics

Analyse website and app usage with
consistent metrics and reports in one
Consent-free and GDPR-compliant tracking
also for native iOS and Android apps.

Consent Manager

Design your legally compliant consent banner
in no time to enable etracker cookies or
data collection upon consent.

Or use the connections to all common consent managers (CMPs).

Test now

Nothing to wait for?

Test etracker analytics 30 days free of charge and without obligation.

Or make an appointment with one of our sales consultants!

Independently autides GDPR compliance & consent freedom

Free support by phone & email plus online documentation

Data processing within the EU,
in Hamburg

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