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Analytics without data loss

Consent-free web analytics, tag and consent management for higher ad return and more conversions.

Analyze data with a clear conscience

Independently tested & certified

Consent-free: GDPR & TDDDG-compliant

Session Tracking

Made & Stored in Germany

etracker functions

Professional data analysis in simple


The interactive dashboard gives you a quick overview of the performance of your website and campaigns.

Onsite analysis

Recognize the top content, which paths visitors take, which actions they take and much more.

Store analysis

Measure all steps from product lists to product detail pages, watch lists and shopping baskets to orders at category, item or even variant level.

UX analysis

Scrolling processes are automatically recorded and the results projected onto your web pages in order to directly identify optimization potential.

Marketing analysis

Tracking and attribution for all marketing activities provides insights into the performance of the individual channels and campaigns along the customer journey.

App analysis

Capture usage without consent, also in accordance with the guidelines for iOS and Android apps.

Our modules

Tag, consent & data management from a single source

The practical all-in-one solution simplifies the legally compliant use of all website and marketing technologies.

Get all the insights you need to increase campaign success and website conversions.

Simply control etracker and third-party tags and integrate maps or YouTube videos in a compliant manner.

Your cookie banner is set up with just a few clicks and automatically linked to your tags.

The most important functions at a glance


Dynamic drill-downs

Uncover relationships of any dimensions in several levels


Behavioral segments

Create and analyze your own segments with flexible conditions and rules

User behavior


See how many users scroll how far and for how long, projected directly onto your web pages

Performance Marketing

Campaign tracking and conversion sync

Keep an eye on all channels, campaigns and ads and upload conversions to Google Ads & Co.

Data Pipelines

BI and Data Warehouse Sync

Simply connect raw data or share reporting data in Looker Studio, Power BI & Co.


Setup for marketers

Measure events, conversions, funnels, segments without touching the source code of the page


Live journeys and content

Track individual sessions and journeys in real time or find the content that is currently most in demand


Store behavior

Analyze shopping funnel and product range including check-out, vouchers, internal search, teasers and promotions

The comparison

etracker is the perfect Google Analytics alternative

Source: etracker Consent Benchmark Study Nov 2023

With etracker, up to 99% of all visits and conversions can be recorded with full data protection compliance compared to Google Analytics.

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Webinar: Introduction to etracker analytics

Gain an insight into the most important reports and functions using real website data.

Videos: Product tour and tutorials

Step-by-step instructions for getting started and in-depth seminars on the most important functions.

Tracking is our passion

Our tools make it fun to better understand your own users and create successful marketing.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Why do I not need consent for etracker analytics?

In order to be able to use web analytics services in accordance with the current guidance of the German supervisory authorities in a legally compliant manner without the need for consent, the TDDDG and GDPR require that analytical cookies are not used and that the data is verifiably processed in the mildest possible form under the overriding legitimate interest of the website operator. This is guaranteed with etracker analytics.

Why does etracker analytics not require cookies?

Thanks to the session token method, all interactions can be assigned to a visit even without reading device data. At the same time, a hash procedure with a random value that changes daily ensures that users are not permanently assigned without consent.

How complex is the integration on my website?

For the most common store and content management systems, this can be done in just a few minutes using a plugin. But even with manual integration, you usually only need the standard tag and the data protection notice via copy & paste. The rest of the setup is usually done in the application and can be implemented in one to two days – provided, of course, that you know which elements and conversion steps are to be tracked.

Can I control my ads with etracker?

etracker analytics offers comprehensive campaign and customer journey tracking to analyze success. The URL parameters can be easily configured and saved using the link generator. For marketing platforms such as Google, Meta and TikTok, static links are of course not used, but simply suitable variables are used. The data can also be transferred to the platforms via conversion upload. The etracker tag manager is simply used for remarketing.

What is the main advantage over Google Analytics?

Since etracker analytics can also collect data in a legally compliant manner without consent, companies are spared legal risks, data loss or extrapolations. The integrated tag and consent management makes marketers’ work much easier and avoids errors. If you have any questions, experienced experts will be happy to help and look forward to a personal exchange.

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