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The m o s t   b e a u t i f u l f a s t e s t s a f e s t m o s t   r e l i a b l e m o s t   e f f i c i e n t way
to optimize websites & apps

Understand your visitors and their behavior

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  • Flexible analysis of visitors, content, campaigns and conversions
  • Dynamic segmentation based on unsampled data
  • Access to raw data and individual user profiles

Improve your conversion rate




  • Overlay messaging of visitors on the website
  • Targeted A/B tests without
    programming effort
  • Use visitor data for marketing automation
100% GDPR-compliant. Thanks to privacy-by-design no consent necessary (opt-in free).

Over 110,000 clients put their trust
in our solutions!

Jack Wolfskin
Jochen Schweizer
United Domains

etracker's real-time web statistics allow us to analyze the visitor behavior of our users at any time and to react quickly to current needs.

We make sure that all our products meet the requirements of the users and the different applications.

With etracker, we can better match our online catalog to the needs of our customers.

Vorwerk has been using etracker for quite some time and is convinced of the quality of the insights provided by this analytics tool.

An effective analysis of the user and customer behavior helps us in the ongoing optimization of our website and marketing campaigns. etracker Analytics allows us to identify the needs of our users and customers.

For us, etracker has become an indispensable tool for usability and campaign management and fulfills this purpose exceptionally well.

In order to get to know our customers better and to adapt and expand our offering, a strong analytical tool is indispensable.

etracker convinced us right from the start!

etracker is the first choice for us in the field of web analytics. The extremely informative reports provide many ideas to carry out improvements of its offering.

etracker stands for data protection and decades of success


Headquartes & data center in Hamburg, Germany

  • Data storage in Germany
  • More than 500 agency partners
  • Tailored Data Lab & Consulting Services
  • Successfully on the market for over 15 years
  • Audited by the Hamburg data protection authority
  • Free telephone support