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Internal Searches

In online stores, the search function is decisive for how long a visitor stays and, above all, whether he will make a purchase. However, analyzing internal searches is not only important for evaluating the search function, but can also provide important impulses for assortment enhancements or search engine marketing.

Internal searches can be recorded in three ways:

  1. Automated via the etracker store plug-ins
  2. Automated via URL search parameters
  3. By means of integrated onsite campaign tracking

1) Automatic recording via etracker store plugins

No adjustments need to be made here.

2) Automatic recording via URL search parameters

Internal search entries are automatically captured with standard search parameters. The corresponding setting can be found under Settings Automated trackin Automated tracking of site search & configuration.

Activate automated recording of site search

In case of deviation from the default parameters, simply take the individual search parameter from the URL of the search results page, enter it in the Search parameters field and click Save changes.

Example: sSearch.

3) Recording by means of onsite campaigns

The following code must be passed in the etracker code depending on an ad with or without a result on the search results page:

Example: Search phrase ‘product A’ with result

var cc_attributes = new Object();
cc_attributes["etcc_cu"] = "onsite";
cc_attributes["etcc_med_onsite"] = "site Search "; 
cc_attributes["etcc_cmp_onsite"] = "with results"; 
cc_attributes["etcc_st_onsite"] = "product A"; 
search phrase 'product A' with result

Example: Search phrase ‘unknown’ without result

var cc_attributes = new Object();
cc_attributes["etcc_cu"] = "onsite";
cc_attributes["etcc_med_onsite"] = "site Search"; 
cc_attributes["etcc_cmp_onsite"] = "no results"; 
cc_attributes["etcc_st_onsite"] = "unknown"; 
Search phrase 'unknown' without result

As onsite medium, the designation used in the internal search should be transferred in exact spelling. If a different designation or spelling is used, it is necessary to store this under Settings Automated tracking Automated tracking of site search & configuration. This ensures that the data enters the special report for the internal search.

Evaluation of the internal search

The evaluation of the search can be done directly in the etracker interface under Basic Reports → Content → Site Search. The report shows the number of searches performed, the engagement after the search, and possible subsequent orders for the respective search entries.