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App Analytics Tracking Framework


For tracking in Android and iOS apps, etracker provides SDKs. The SDKs contain the actual library for the respective platform, documentation of the functions provided, and a sample app that shows how the library can be integrated into your own app.

The SDKs for Android and iOS can be downloaded directly in your etracker account. Log in and go to Settings Setup/Tracking Code Setup: App Analytics.

To track calls and visits within a hybrid app, it is only necessary to implement the tracking code as for regular HTML websites. You can find your individual tracking code in your account under Settings Setup/Tracking Code.

Privacy notice

If you integrate etracker into your app, a note about this must be included in your privacy notice. Even if tracking with etracker is opt-in-free according to the guidelines of the platforms, an opt-out option for exclusion from tracking must be provided.

The example apps in the SDKs for Android and iOS show how to design and integrate an opt-out and also an opt-in.