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Tracking Guide

You want to measure the success of your Facebook & Instagram Ads campaigns in a data protection-compliant and content-independent way with etracker Analytics? No problem.

In Facebook’s ad manager, the URL parameter field was created at ad level for tracking purposes. The entries in this field are added to the campaign link when an ad is delivered by Facebook and then always forwarded to the landing page. On the landing page, they are automatically recorded via the etracker count. 

And this is how the entry in the final URL parameter field must appear: 


Simply copy and paste this set of parameters into the URL parameter field in the Tracking section of the Ad Manager at the Ad level.

Thanks to the dynamic parameters, the details of the respective advertisement are automatically entered. These subsequently allow a granular evaluation in etracker Analytics according to all these segments:

  • Medium
  • Partner
  • Campaign
  • Group
  • Display
  • Placement

What can I do if there is no etracker code on the target page?  

If ads lead to pages without an etracker code, it is not possible to record the clicks using simple URL parameters. In principle, etracker Analytics also allows measurement via campaign redirects, which can be created using the link generator. However, Facebook’s advertising guidelines do not allow their use in order to prevent their misuse.