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Own opt-in dialogue

etracker offers the option of using your own opt-in dialogue for tracking. Consent or rejection to tracking is stored in the cookie “et_oi_v2”.

In addition to the current tracking code (at least version 4.0), the opt-in must be activated in the account settings: Account Info → Settings → Privacy → Tracking Opt-In and agreement → Opt-Inactive → own Opt-In

The tracking consents can be downloaded as a CSV file in the account settings under the menu item Tracking Opt-In and agreement.

Available JS-API functions

Show/Hide opt-in dialogue

The following function can be used to decide whether the your own opt-in dialogue shall be displayed:


If there is no cookie “et_oi_v2” yet, the value “true” is returned, otherwise the value “false”.

Activate tracking

If a user gives consent to tracking on the website via your own opt-in dialogue, the cookie is assigned the value “yes” by the following call:


The parameter “mydomain.com” is to be replaced by the domain for which tracking is to be enabled.

Deactivate tracking

If the user has rejected tracking, the following call must be made to assign the value “no” to the cookie:


The parameter “mydomain.com” must be replaced by the domain for which tracking is to be switched on.

Temporarily deactivate tracking

This call disables the user from tracking for the current session only:


Instead of a cookie, an entry is made in the session storage.