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etracker Optimiser without cookies

The same applies to the etracker Optimiser as to etracker Analytics: cookie-less mode is standard.

This means that visitors do not need to have agreed in advance to participate in A/B tests or to receive smart messages. etracker Optimiser uses the session token procedure for this purpose, as used by etracker Analytics. This makes it possible to link back-end testing targets with the display of test variants. This means that no cookies are needed to evaluate the success of A/B tests or smart messaging.

Technically essential session cookies are only used in smart messaging campaigns to ensure that users are shown overlays at the right time during a visit and not repeatedly.

This means that a cookie consent banner can be avoided for the use of etracker Optimiser, provided that no other technologies requiring consent are used. Tests and smart messages can be played out independently of the consent, so that falsifications due to consent are avoided and a maximum sample or playout rate is achieved.

If segmentation is used, please note that in cookie-less mode only segments from the current session are available. If etracker cookies are activated when consent is given, profile data can also be used for the consented users, of course.

SegmentCan be used cookie-less
Onsite referreryes
URL contains string yes
Entry URL contains string yes
Search term yes
Customer groupno
Time since last orderno
Average order value no
Visitor is customerno
Browser language yes
Buyer type no
Time between leadsno
Time between sales no
Visitor is newsletter subscriber no
Call target page yes
etracker target 'product in shopping cart'yes
Minimum session duration (seconds) yes
Frequency of visit no
Time since last visit no
First visitno
Last visitno
Visitor is a returning visitorno
Device nameyes
Unit type (detail)yes
Unit typeyes
Top 10 pagesno
Top 10 areasno
Top 10 products "Shopping cart"no
Top 10 product categories „Shopping cart“no
Top 10 products „Purchased“no
Top 10 product categories "Bought" no
Top 10 products "Seen" no
Top 10 product categories "Seen" no