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etracker Cookies

1 Cookies Used by etracker for Counting

1.1 Third-Party Cookies set by etracker

NamePurposeStorage timeExample content
etcnt_STATID*Detecting repeat
visitors (is only
set when active)
28 days714117f1f90f99c26d80788288d863fb-
etcamp und
Assigning campaigns
(external and internal).
Is set for campaign
30 - 180 days123%2C384ec66e6cd7098e850b8ecd6-
etrp_STATID*Selecting forwards.
Are only set
when campaign forwarding

Current session
cntcookieExclusion from the
counting (list of
4 years1234%7C4567
et_idVisitor detection
etracker Analytics
2 years108bf9a85547edb1
_et_coidCookie detection
etracker Analytics
2 years108bf9a85547edb1108bf9a85547edb1
GS3_vThird party cookie set by the optimisation webservice. The cookie contains the same visitor ID as GS1_v1 year4682607

*(STATID here is a placeholder for the account ID of the customer)

1.2 First-Party Cookies set by etracker

NamePurposeStorage timeExample content
_vvSaves the status of the Visitor Voice invitation. Only set when using Visitor Voice30 minutes - 30 daysb35702ca188414d9c6eb288793c43f71

_vmuSaves the status of the UX Analytics logging. Is only set when using UX Analytics30 daysge50litMqzBsrrkFDaZn6eJj1tjSkYpD%7C1
_vmsSaves the status of the UX Analytics sessionDuration of
the session
_et_coidCookie recognition for Campaign Control2 years108bf9a85547edb1108bf9a85547edb1
et_oi_v2OptIn-Cookie, stores the choice of the visitor, if on the side of the customer the tracking OptIn is shown. Will also be used for a possible" - 50 years

"yes" - 480 years
isSdEnabledDetecting if the visitor is recording the scroll depth24 hourstrue
GS1_vThe cookie contains the ID of the visitor and is used to identify a visitor during multiple sessions1 year4682607
BT_ctstUsed only to detect wether the visitor's browser has cookies enabled or notDuration of
the session
BT_sdcContains Base64-encoded data of the current visitor session (referrer, number of pages, number of seconds since session start) used for personalization purposesDuration of
the session

noWS_<***>Contains true or false and indicates that the website with the trackingcode included has no acitve tests or does not deliver tests for other reasons (monthly quota exceeded etc.). <***> In this case is the secure code of the client as contained in the tracking code snippet.

The BlackTri webservice sets this cookie when the mentioned conditions apply in order to avoid further requests in the running session (as they are unnecessary anyway)
Duration of
the session
BT_pdcContains Base64-encoded data of the visitor history (is customer, is newsletter recipient etc.) used for personalization purposes1 year eyJldGNjX2N1c3QiOjAsImVj...GNjX25l

BT_smsContains information on displayed smart messages in order to avoid displaying smart messages too often1 year[{"sms":{
BT_session_smsSame as BT_sms, but persisted only for the current session to apply special rules for not displaying smart messages in the same session aginDuration of
the session
Contains a list of project IDs for which the visitor is excluded. This cookie is set by the webservice when the client has configured that not all visitors are allocated to a test but only a certain fraction30 daysBT-6037799f213de9e9961facc224b69

2 Cookies Used by etracker for the Use of Evaluations

2.1 In the application

NamePurposeStorage timeExample content
32 characters, e.g.
Saves the session ID,
so that the session
can be viewed
with a different
Duration of
the session
et_ocookieSaves the session for
the overlay
Duration of
the session
BT_lgContains the application language chosen by a clientDuration of
the session
BT_cmCompatibility mode for project is active2 yearsyes
BT_echkWhen opening a page in the visual editor, a popup is openend with instructions for the client. If the client marks the checkbox on this popup, this popup is not displayed in future sessions. The cookie is set with value "Yes".1 yearyes
DC_SESSIDSession cookie for visual editorDuration of
the session

2.2 On the customer website

NamePurposeStorage timeExample content
et_overlaySaves the overlay
Duration of the session
onpageConfi-guration.SIDIdentification for the onpage configurator
(Session ID)

Duration of the session9158e12b9d856c54a48224fd616f459b

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