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How can I upgrade my hit quota?

There are two possible upgrade procedures, depending on the license:

1. For standard single licenses, the upgrade can be done independently via the application. As a main user or user with administrator rights, you can use the upgrade button in your dashboard:

2. For multi-site licenses or individual license packages, please contact us at sales@etracker.com., as the upgrade button is not available in this case.

Upgrade directly in the application

1. To do this, log in to your etracker account. Click on the Upgrade button displayed in the dashboard to start the upgrade process.

2. First, the currently booked package and hit quota are displayed. You can use the slider to select a higher quota.

3. With the increase of the hit quota, the Next button becomes active and leads to the summary of your order by clicking on it.

Please note: With the upgrade a new licence term of 12 months starts. Credits from the current (remaining) term will be credited proportionally and reduce the amount shown in the invoice. Overflows of the monthly hit quota will be billed in separate invoices.