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How to book an etracker Analytics licence?

You can easily book your etracker Analytics licence via the application.

1. Log in to your etracker account. Click on the Upgrade button displayed in the dashboard to start the booking process.

2. First select the edition that suits you in the product overview: Basic, Pro or Enterprise. Then use the orange slider to set the desired tracking request quota per month. Depending on your selection, the corresponding monthly price will be displayed.

3. When you have chosen an edition with a suitable quota, click Next.

4. You will now be shown a summary of your configured etracker Analytics Edition with your selected tracking request quota, the corresponding monthly price, the total amount per year, your term and the additional costs incurred if you exceed your quota.  After you have checked everything again, click Next.

5. Now please fill in the fields with the corresponding invoice details. You also have the option of assigning your own order number for internal use.

Click on Next to proceed to the last step in the booking process: the payment method.

6. Here you can choose between direct debit and invoice. If you would like to pay by direct debit, please enter your account details in the fields provided.

If you wish to pay by invoice, you do not need to enter any further details and will pay your invoice later by credit card or Klarna in your etracker account. To do this, go to Settings → Billing and Licences → Payment options. If you want to pay by Paypal please contact billing@etracker.com.


7. Complete your order by clicking on Order now!.

8. When we have successfully received your order, you will get the following confirmation:

Clicking on Log in again will take you to the login. After logging in again, you will see in the dashboard which edition you are currently using and when your booked edition starts.

If you purchase your edition before the end of the free trial period, the term of your licence will of course not start until the trial period has expired.