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Where can I find the breakdown of my hits?

The hit quota includes all measured page views and events as well as external campaign redirects and ad views. The automatic scroll measurement, campaign clicks and the ecommerce event “Product viewed” are excluded from the hit measurement.

The key figure page views for a particular month can be viewed at Basic Reports → Pages:

The number of all recorded events – except eCommerce events – is shown under Basic Reports → Events:

When using App Analytics, the page views correspond to the screen views. The events are displayed per screen in the App Analytics → Usage per Screen report.

eCommerce events counted as hits include:

  • Number Added to watch list
  • Number Deleted from watch list
  • Number Placed to basket
  • Number Removed from basket
  • Number Purchase or order

Clicks on campaign redirects are only counted as hits if they link to external pages. To do this, add the entry page dimension under Marketing Reports → Campaign and filter or sort for empty entries with a dash.