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What personal data is collected by etracker?

With the help of the utilised etracker services, data, properties and activities of users with regard to the use of websites, applications or other media products and services offered by the Client are recorded, processed or stored in accordance with the main contract.

Type of personal data (as defined in Art. 4 No. 1, 13, 14 and 15 EU GDPR):

  • Internet protocol addresses, which are anonymised as soon as possible by default
  • User identifiers: randomly generated values (example: 108bf9a85547edb1108bf9a85547edb1), which may be stored in cookies after the user has given his consent
  • Device identifiers, if app tracking or app push is used
  • Identifiers optionally provided by the client
  • Email addresses in the context of overlay newsletter opt-in dialogues, if the function is used in the etracker Optimiser

Point 2 only applies if the cookie activation option is implemented.

Points 3 – 5 only apply if the corresponding functions are used.