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What do I have to do to track according to CNIL?

The French data protection authority CNIL has defined guidelines for required web analytics cookies that are exempt from obtaining prior consent from the user.

For example, no cookie consent is required if only aggregated statistics are generated and retrieved. This can be implemented in etracker Analytics with the help of a configuration that deactivates the display of entries in the “Last Visitors” report as well as individual order numbers as an attribute in reporting.

After deactivating non-aggregated reporting, the cookie blocking parameter data-block-cookies=”true” can be removed from the etracker tracking code on your website in accordance with the CNIL. In order to follow the CNIL recommendations to limit the cookie lifetime to 13 months, the following parameter must now be added to the tracking code: data-cookie-lifetime=”13″.

The button to deactivate non-aggregated reporting can be found here:

Settings → Integration → Privacy → Consent-free tracking cookies in accordance with CNIL guidelines