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Last Visitors

The Last visitors report can be accessed via Basic Reports → Last visitors. It is a tracking log or visit log that displays the last 50 visits to the website. Individual visits can be examined in detail using the overview table. Since the report is based on real-time data, it is helpful for quality assurance in website and campaign tagging. It also shows how real people actually use the website.

For data protection reasons, only anonymous data is shown. The IP addresses were shortened before processing and cannot be used to identify natural persons.

Overview table

The overview table shows the last 15 visitors and can be expanded to the last 50 visitors via the Load more button. The sorting of the last visitors is always based on the last recorded page view, regardless of how long the visitor has been active.

In the overview, active visits are highlighted with a green shortened IP address. The dimensions Session start, Country, City and Origin can be selected or deselected by clicking on the dimension selection above the table. The search function allows filtering in all active dimensions.

To refresh the overview, click on the reload icon showing the time since the last update.

Detailed view

By clicking on the IP address entry, you will get to the detailed view of the visitor and get additional technical information such as browser, device type, operating system and all recorded interactions.

In the table, the interactions are represented by different icons in the Type column:

Campaign informationen


General and eCommerce Events

The events triggered on a page, as well as the campaign parameters captured on pageview, are displayed in a line indented with a curved arrow sign above the associated pageview. For longer entries, the complete entries are shown via mouse overlay.

Tip: Quality assurance of the etracker integration

Use the Last visitor report to check the correct etracker integration on your website. First open your website. Then determine your own IP address in a window that opens in parallel (for example, via https://www.wieistmeineip.de/ and enter this address, shortened by the last octet, in the Last visitor report in the search field at the top of the page.

Click on your displayed shortened IP address to open the detail view. If you now call up pages and trigger events on your website, you can view all recorded interactions and data in the detailed view.

All data listed in the Last visitors report will be visible in the other reports of your etracker account after about 30-45 minutes.

Overview of further diagnostic possibilities

In addition to the Last visitors report, there are the following diagnostic options: