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Privacy Settings

This will take you to the privacy settings in your etracker account: Click on the cogwheel at the top of the menu Integration Privacy.

Privacy settings in etracker Analytics

Data protection notice and right to object

Here you will find a template for the data protection notice on your website, which you can easily adopt. Optionally, we also provide functions here to create your own opt-out links or buttons.

Consent-free tracking cookies in accordance with CNIL guidelines

In coordination with the French data protection authority CNIL, we have created a setting that allows etracker Analytics to be used on websites without consent, even with cookies. To do this, it is necessary to disable special reports with granular data. This only affects the following reports:

  • Last visitors
  • B2B Lookup
  • Orders

Automated Scroll Tracking

The scroll depth measurements for the ScrollMap report are temporarily stored in the session storage so that not every scroll movement leads to a tracking call, but the scroll depth data is sent to etracker “bundled” every few seconds. Since a lot of data can be generated in connection with the scroll depth measurement, this data is only collected on a random basis. Data stored in the session storage is not persistent, it is automatically deleted by the browser when closing (the tab).

The use of session storage for scroll depth measurement is not a storage process that requires permission, as it is a purely technical delay of the transmission in order not to negatively affect the loading speed and thus the user experience. Therefore, the storage process can be regarded as technically absolutely necessary in order to ensure the actual website use at sufficient speed.

The legal conformity of this procedure was confirmed in the audit by ePrivacy GmbH, which concludes: “In cookie-less mode (standard mode), the use of etracker Analytics is legal according to GDPR and TTDSG without any consent requirement.”

Optionally, scroll tracking can be deactivated via this setting option or linked to prior consent to the setting of cookies for statistical purposes:

Automated Scroll Tracking in etracker Analytics

Privacy Signet

Trust is an important factor for successful websites. Therefore, the Privacy Signet is an excellent way to communicate and prove legal compliance and privacy friendliness to website visitors.