Tip of the Week: etracker Reporting API

etracker Reporting API for connecting external systems

With the Enterprise Edition, etracker offers an interface that allows access to almost all data that is accessible within the reporting interface of your account. This enables you, for example, to create dynamically updating Excel tables or to supply BI solutions such as Google’s Looker with anonymised data.

With the API, it is also possible to transfer conversion data to affiliate or remarketing providers (e.g. Criteo) for which there is no native connection.

Using the API has now become even easier:

Two things are basically required to use the API: an enterprise account and an access token. You create the access token as administrator/(main)user under Settings → Account → Integration:

If you need even more granular data, such as all touchpoints of customer journeys, possibly even with timestamps and/or engagement per visit, you can regularly receive a suitable raw data export via SFTP. You can find out more about the raw data export including a sample data set here.

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