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Online marketing in tourism needs reliable data

Technical contributions
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About the Tux-Finkenberg Tourist Board The challenge The solution Conclusion

by Katrin Nebermann

Because the figures in Google Analytics did not appear plausible, the Tux-Finkenberg Tourist Board integrated etracker analytics in parallel on the website. After comparing the reporting data for the year 2023, it became apparent that the

The restrictions imposed by the consent requirement in Google Analytics, together with the estimates from the extended consent mode, lead to completely distorted key figures compared to the real measurement.

Google Analytics: with extrapolation based on 40% of visits after consent
etracker analytics: 100% measurement thanks to freedom of consent

About the Tux-Finkenberg Tourist Board

The Tux-Finkenberg Tourist Board operates the website as a central booking platform in the Zillertal, one of Austria’s most popular vacation regions.

The challenge

Before switching to etracker analytics, web analytics was a major construction site. In addition to the requirements for data protection compliance, the main issue was the traceability of reports. With Google Analytics, we had to rely on user consent.

As a result, around 60% of the data was lost. Even the legally questionable consent mode could not compensate for the loss of data through extrapolation. The reports therefore offered at best a tendency and a little more than a pure gut feeling. However, it was not possible to reliably determine how well campaigns actually performed

The solution

Compared to Google Analytics 4, these advantages of etracker analytics were particularly important to the tourism association:

Data protection

The association attaches great importance to the responsible and legally compliant handling of user data. This has always led to challenges when dealing with Google Analytics. In contrast, etracker, as a European provider, is known for its data protection compliance and demonstrably does not require consent.

Real numbers

Figures on campaign clicks and extrapolated conversions are not enough to successfully market the region. With etracker, the association receives detailed reports based on real measurements. The conversion rates of Google Analytics proved to be +120% distorted compared to etracker analytics.

Performance measurement

As a company under public law, it is the association’s responsibility to handle the advertising budget efficiently and use it in a targeted manner. etracker not only enables the performance of online marketing campaigns to be analyzed precisely, but also allows agency performance to be monitored.

Campaign management

The association also benefits from the etracker database with all measured conversions in bid management, regardless of consent. Conversions are automatically uploaded to Google Ads, Microsoft Ads and Meta via Conversion Upload, thus fueling their smart bidding strategies.


Google Analytics

  • Only 40% of visits measured
  • Conversions extrapolated
  • Conversion and bounce rates falsified
  • Marketing control not seriously possible


etracker analytics

  • All visits and conversions measured
  • No projections
  • Reliable conversion and bounce rates
  • Reliable decision-making aid and control basis

This is because efficient online marketing requires reliable data in order to evaluate the success of the measures and deploy budgets in a targeted manner.

The introduction of etracker analytics led to a significant increase in online bookings and website traffic. It has also simplified the day-to-day business of online marketing enormously. It led to targeting the “right” guests for the region and working with “real” data in the analysis and not relying on estimates from other solutions or evaluations from agencies.

Dominik Neuner, Managing Director of online marketing and data protection consultancy moalach, who supported the project at

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