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etracker vs. Matomo Analytics

What are the advantages of etracker analytics over Matomo Analytics?

Since EU supervisory authorities declared the use of Google Analytics illegal, many companies and organizations have been looking for a GDPR-compliant alternative. Some people also come across Matomo Analytics, an open source software that is classified by supervisory authorities as more data protection-friendly than Google Analytics. But is Matomo Analytics also more data protection and user-friendly than etracker analytics? The comparison of five decisive criteria for a modern web analytics solution provides a clear answer.

1. data protection by contract without the need for consent

The classification as data protection-friendly is often based on the possibility of local installation, which can prevent the problematic merging of usage data across provider boundaries. But is an on-premise solution fundamentally more data protection-friendly than cloud solutions? No! Cross-website profiling and data transfer to third parties can also be excluded with software-as-a-service providers such as etracker and documented in an order processing agreement. In terms of data protection compliance, Matomo Analytics therefore offers no advantages over etracker analytics. On the contrary: as Matoma Analytics reads properties such as the screen resolution from the user’s end device via JavaScript by default, the user’s prior consent is always required. With etracker analytics, on the other hand, no information is read from the end device by default. Therefore, the consent requirement under the TTDSG does not apply.

2. regular external audits

In terms of data protection compliance, website operators cannot rely on independent external audits for Matomo Analytics. You must rely solely on the information provided by InnoCraft Ltd. based in New Zealand. With etracker analytics, on the other hand, there are regular external audits such as the one carried out by ePrivacy Consult. They only recently came to this conclusion again:

“There are no data protection concerns about the use of the products etracker Optimiser, etracker Analytics and Signalize.”


“Based on our in-depth examination, we consider it justified to justify the data processing at etracker Analytics and etracker Optimiser also with regard to the DSK paper from December 2021 and the ECJ ruling of 01.10.2019 by the legal basis of Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR (legitimate interest). In cookie-less mode (standard mode), the use of etracker Analytics is lawful in accordance with the GDPR and TTDSG without any consent requirement.”


3. transparent prices

The operation of Matomo itself causes considerable costs. Above all, however, most of the features that are essential for sound web analysis are subject to a fee and lead to very expensive license costs in the long run.

4. top performance thanks to state-of-the-art architecture

The old, tabular database technology of Matomo Analytics based on MySQL quickly reaches its limits with high-traffic websites. etracker uses state-of-the-art big data technology: highly available and scalable data acceptance and secure archiving of raw data in Hbase, efficient, rule-based aggregation of data based on Apache Hadoop across multiple servers and extremely fast reporting thanks to a high-performance in-memory database.

5. modern UX and dynamic reporting functions

Due to the legacy technology, Matomo Analytics only offers simplified, rigid reporting. Analysts who carry out very broad monitoring are not very happy about this. With etracker analytics, powerful analyses are accessible to everyone. Interactive reports make it easy to examine visitor behavior from all angles and uncover potential for optimization. Thanks to the interfaces, etracker data can be easily processed in BI solutions or used in marketing platforms such as Google Ads for automatic bid control. Although campaign tracking and conversion uploads are also possible on paper with Matomo Analytics, in practice they prove to be unsuitable or can only be used with considerable restrictions.


If you are looking for an advanced, price-transparent and consent-free web analysis tool, etracker Analytics is the ideal solution on the market.

If you would like to learn more about how you can ensure the best data quality for your marketing and analytics, we invite you to our weekly live demo or a consultation with one of our sales consultants.


You can download our decision aid for selecting the optimal web analytics solution here.

The contents of this comparison have been carefully researched, checked and compiled to the best of our knowledge. However, no claim is made as to the completeness, up-to-dateness, quality and accuracy of the information provided.

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