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Faster and more efficient: mastering etracker analytics with our experts

Save valuable time by simplifying your start with etracker analytics and learn how to use our solution professionally. Our experts will be happy to support you so that you can use etracker analytics to its full potential.

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Quick start for the whole team

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Online training for content & marketing analytics, email reporting & alerts


8 hours


1.000 €

Individual consulting


On request, individual consulting services can also be commissioned on an hourly basis. The consulting hours are available as a call-off contingent for 12 months at a time.


by arrangement


by arrangement

etracker consulting services in detail


Avoid technical errors.

Website tagging plan

Workshop with specialist department and technology for tagging plan creation:

  • Code integration incl. Data enrichment and account settings
  • Tag Manager: event tracking, onsite campaigns, conversions
  • Consent configuration or connection to CMP
  • Configuration of conversion processes
Store tagging plan

Workshop with specialist department and technology for tagging plan creation:

  • Recording the relevant eCommerce events with article and product group data
  • Onsite campaign measurement and vouchers
  • Measurement of the checkout process
Tagging verification

Checking the integration after tagging the website/shop. This individual, intensive QA process uncovers inadequacies and sources of error at an early stage.

Integration Review

Websites are constantly changing. The implementation should therefore be regularly reviewed and adapted. We therefore offer intensive quality checks in the form of audits for existing integrations.

Campaign tracking

Workshop to develop a campaign tracking plan:

  • Recording the relevant forms, channels and formats of advertising
  • Mapping of the individual campaign structure for all media used
  • Setting up Google Ads & Microsoft Ads tracking
etracker consent & tag manager Setup

The migration to the integrated etracker tag manager & consent manager significantly reduces the complexity and costs of administering different systems. After joint planning, our experts migrate all tags, triggers and variables to the etracker tag manager with the appropriate link and configuration of the etracker consent manager.

Conversion upload setup

The server-side upload provides a better database than the conversion tags from Google & Co. that require consent, which can be used in automatic bid optimization for improved campaign performance (ROAS). Our experts provide support with the configuration of conversions through to setting up automatic import into Google Ads & Co.

Onboarding & Analysis

Accelerate knowledge transfer.

Training courses

Our training courses teach the functionalities of etracker analytics on an individual basis using your own website and data. Experienced trainers design individual content according to the requirements and prior knowledge of the participants. Practical exercises help to apply and deepen the knowledge acquired. Possible contents:

  • Overview and functionalities of the various reports
  • Analysis of the key figures and evaluations generated to date
  • Creation and management of campaigns and reports
  • Advanced evaluation options
Connection of the REST interface

The etracker consultants provide consulting and conceptual support for connecting the etracker REST API to third-party systems and for creating dynamic reports in Excel or solutions such as Power BI (with regard to the selection of reports and dimensions, but not their reporting functions).

Looker Studio Dashboarding

BI solutions such as Looker Studio are suitable for merging data from different accounts or web analytics data with information from Google Search Console, ad spendings, merchandise management and similar. Our experts help with the design and implementation.

After an initial analysis of your needs, we work with you and your team to develop a proposal for your personal consulting support. In training courses, it is important to consider different expert levels, roles and analysis requirements for successful skills development.

Heye Tode, Head of Professional Servicesetracker
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