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Consent Manager

The integrated Consent Manager ensures the legally compliant activation of etracker cookies as well as tags and cookies from third-party providers such as Google, Meta, TikTok, LinkedIn and many others.

Included in these etracker editions:


How it works

Dialog type

The interactive dashboard gives you a quick overview of the performance of your website and campaigns.

Select dialog type
Texts and design

Customize optional texts and colors and integrate your logo.

Set up text and design
Consent trigger

Select a floating icon or link to allow users to access the consent dialog at any time as required by law.

Set consent trigger

The downloadable consent log allows you to prove that you have given your consent at the click of a button.

Download consent protocols

First-hand expertise with our videos

Discover more functions


Dynamic drill-downs

Uncover relationships of any dimensions in several levels


Behavioral segments

Create and analyze your own segments with flexible conditions and rules

User behavior


See how many users scroll how far and for how long, projected directly onto your web pages

Performance Marketing

Campaign tracking and conversion sync

Keep an eye on all channels, campaigns and ads and upload conversions to Google Ads & Co.

Data Pipelines

BI and Data Warehouse Sync

Simply connect raw data or share reporting data in Looker Studio, Power BI & Co.


Setup for marketers

Measure events, conversions, funnels, segments without touching the source code of the page


Live journeys and content

Track individual sessions and journeys in real time or find the content that is currently most in demand


Store behavior

Analyze shopping funnel and product range including check-out, vouchers, internal search, teasers and promotions