Tip of the Week: eCommerce tracking

Debug eCommerce tracking with etracker Analytics

Debug eCommerce tracking with etracker Analytics

A reliable database is the be-all and end-all for successful eCommerce management. Only on the basis of good data quality it is possible to measure the success of marketing activities.

However, in eCommerce tracking, it can happen that significantly fewer orders are recorded than in the store system, CRM or merchandise management system, or that no orders are recorded at all.

Even if 100 percent correlation between backend and web analysis system is hardly possible and deviations below 10 percent are normal (e.g. due to deactivated JavaScript), a closer look should be taken for deviations above this. This mainly concerns two areas:

a. Integration of the tracking code and setup of the general tracking.
b. Implementation of the special eCommerce tracking.

This will help to ensure the best analysis data quality for your store.

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