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Successful web analysis at Volksbank Kassel Göttingen eG

Technical contributions
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Initial situation The challenge Evaluation of Google Analytics and etracker analytics The solution: switching to etracker analytics Conclusion

by Olaf Brandt

Initial situation

Volksbank Kassel Göttingen eG was facing challenges in web analytics because the “Sales Channel Usage Analysis” (VKNA) tool it was using did not provide it with the information it needed to analyze specific user interactions and measure the success of campaigns.

The challenge

The two main problems with VKNA were:

  • High data loss: Only visitors who actively gave their consent to statistics cookies were counted, resulting in a loss of up to 40% of clicks.
  • Insufficient data quality: The available data provided only limited insights and did not allow a detailed analysis of user interactions.

Evaluation of Google Analytics and etracker analytics

The bank examined two providers as part of the evaluation of a new tracking tool: Google Analytics, probably the best-known tool, and etracker analytics, a data protection-compliant solution from the German tracking specialist etracker.

It quickly became clear that the two main problems – data loss and data quality – could not be solved with the use of Google Analytics, because:

  • Even with activation of Consent Mode v2, Google Analytics is subject to consent, so that a high level of data loss is also recorded here if it is used in accordance with the strict requirements of the GDPR.
  • Due to the extrapolations, the data quality does not offer the hoped-for reliability for targeted data-driven marketing.

The solution: switching to etracker analytics

After a thorough evaluation, Volksbank Kassel Göttingen eG decided to implement etracker analytics.

This decision was based on several advantages that etracker offers over VKNA and Google Analytics. Among others:

  • Data protection compliance: etracker does not require consent in the standard version and is GDPR and TDDDG compliant.
  • Comprehensive data: All visits and conversions are measured without relying on estimates.
  • Detailed analyses: etracker enables in-depth analysis of user data, including click paths, scroll depth and conversion tracking.


By using etracker, Volksbank Kassel Göttingen eG was not only able to improve the accuracy of its data, but also create a legally compliant and user-friendly analysis environment. The improved insights now enable the bank to precisely manage its online marketing strategies and effectively respond to the needs of its customers.

The implementation of etracker led to improved data quality and quantity, enabling the bank to design its web presence and customer interactions in a targeted and successful manner.

Lisa Reißig, omnichannel managementVolksbank Kassel Göttingen eG
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