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Ensure meaningful, unique page names

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Provide meaningful, unique page names.

by Katrin Nebermann

Provide meaningful, unique page names.

The “Page name” attribute is read from the tag by default, unless the et_pagename parameter in the etracker code is filled or the URL is configured as the page name instead of the title in the account settings.

Please note that a page is listed as a separate page in reports via the page title with the translated name in the case of automatic translation by the browser.

If the title is not unique, the URL should be set as the page name or the parameter et_pagename should be used. Please check the uniqueness of the assignment by combining the attributes “Page name” and “URL” (if the URL has not been set as the page name).

Sometimes websites are only differentiated by different URL parameters. In this case, it may be advisable to select the page title as the name or to take account of GET parameters in the account settings.

It is also not advisable to overload the page name with additional information using the et_pagename parameter. Instead, it is better to use your own segments of the “Page Impression” type.

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