Tip of the Week: Referrer exclusion

Referrer exclusion for Paypal & Co.

It is a well-known problem with a simple solution: If a shop offers payment processing via an external payment service provider such as Paypal, Amazon & Co, this can falsify the referrer analyses and thus the campaign evaluations. This is because the order is only finally completed after the return and the payment provider is evaluated as a new source of origin by default.

This can be easily avoided in etracker Analytics. You simply enter which domains should NOT be treated as referrers. To do this, simply add the corresponding domains such as paypal.com or payments.amazon.de under Settings → Account → Referrer exclusion.

To check this, you can have the referrer sources listed under Marketing Reports → Sources → Referrer (organic). No more entries from paypal.com, sofort.com, paydirekt.de or similar should appear there.

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