Tip of the Week: Referrer exclusion (revisited)

Referrer exclusion for Paypal & Co.

If a shop offers payment processing via an external payment service provider such as Paypal, Amazon & Co, this can falsify the referrer analyses and thus the campaign evaluations. This is because the order is only finally completed after returning and the payment provider is evaluated as a new referrer source by default.   

In etracker Analytics, this is automatically avoided for all common payment providers from 3ds to Visa. If a payment domain is not filtered out by default, it can simply be added under Account info → Integration → Account → Data filtering → Domain & referrer exclusion.  

The default exclusion list can also be viewed here.

To check this, you can have the referrer sources listed under Marketing Reports → Sources → Referrer (organic). No more entries from payment or ticketing domains should appear here. 

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