Tip of the Week: QR Codes

Tracking QR Codes

The Corona crisis has spurred the use of QR codes. In the meantime, there are many possibilities for use and design. Of course, these should be tested and evaluated in the web analytics solution. With QR codes, tracking is done via “normal” campaign links with suitable parameters. Without campaign links, the calls via QR codes are tracked as direct entries as the source of origin. However, this makes attribution impossible, because the QR code service only forwards the traffic to the target page and is therefore not a referrer in the original sense since the visitor did not call up the URL of the QR code provider beforehand.

And this is how you proceed with tracking:

1. Create the campaign link via the link generator in etracker Analytics (recommended).

Optionally, in addition to the name of the campaign and the medium, you can also transfer a virtual origin URL or add further parameters to differentiate between design variants. You can find out more about campaign links here.

2. Simply click on the generated campaign link, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the QR code generator.
3. Analyse the usage and success in etracker Analytics via the marketing reports. Using the event or page report with segment and filter, you can also see which content is viewed by QR code users.
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