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New dimension “previous page”

There are not only many roads leading to Rome, but also many roads leading to certain websites.

For external links, differentiation by origin is not a problem anyway. This is because they are automatically recorded and broken down. Internal links, on the other hand, could previously only be analysed in the click path report by activating the dimensions previous page and page name and analysing a specific page with a suitable filter.

In this example of the click path report, you can see which internal paths and entries lead to the category overview for Outdoor Kissen:

This click path report shows which previous page of the visitor led to the entry in the category Outdoor cushions.

To make the analysis even easier and to allow additional segmentations, the dimension previous page is now available in all standard reports. Simply add it as a dimension:

The dimension previous page can be added in all standard reports via segmentation.

This makes it even more obvious that in our example it is not navigated directly to the Outdoor Kissen overview via the start page – although this is possible.

In the report, the previous page dimension shows that people do not necessarily navigate directly from the start page to the outdoor category.

In the following example, we give out private gossip about our etracker.com site: 

How do visitors get to the test account registration page? 

Over 60 % enter directly on the registration page. 13.5 % come from the homepage – which is not surprising. However, many first find out about the licence fees or details on data protection.

The Dimesion previous page shows which page visitors to etracker.com use to register for a free trial.

Another example from haveaseat.shop: 

What information is searched for on which product detail pages? 

In the Basic Reports→Content→Site Search, add the segment previous page to find out on which sub-pages certain searches were carried out:

The Site Search Report also provides important information about the dimension of the previous page.

In this way, you can sensibly supplement the content on the product pages or optimise the navigation or product recommendations.

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