Tip of the Week: internal search

Easily measure internal search

The search function is an important key to successful websites. That is why answering the following questions is so important:

How often is the search function used on the website? On which pages is the search used? What is searched for? How often do searches lead to abandonments or conversions?

In addition to evaluating the quality of the onsite search, the search terms can also provide impetus for product range extensions, new content or SEA keywords.

Tracking is carried out either by plug-in, manual integration or – brand new – by automatic recording. Simply go to Settings → Account → Automated tracking of site search & configuration.

If desired, enter the search parameter if it differs from the standard parameters. Simply take it from the URL of the search results page, as in the example https://haveaseat.shop/search?sSearch=rundes+cushion: sSearch.

The usage, the engagement after the search and the conversion success can then be evaluated in the basic report Internal Search.

Via manual integration, it is also possible to distinguish between several searches on a page and searches with and without hits.

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