Tip of the Week: B2B Lookup

Increase B2B sales success with company recognition

Identifying individual visitors to websites is highly questionable under data protection law, but this does not usually apply to access by companies. This is because the applicability of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is limited to natural persons.

In order to exclude the possibility of indirectly drawing conclusions about a natural person behind the website, e.g. in the case of very small companies, only accesses by larger companies that have accessed the website on the basis of their shortened IP address may be listed.

A new basic report in etracker Analytics shows you which companies visited your website, which content was consumed, which campaigns were clicked on and much more: B2B Lookup. This account basis can be used to initiate tailored sales and marketing campaigns and thus maximize sales success in the long term. This applies to the acquisition of new customers as well as the support of existing customers.

In demo mode, one day’s data is available to you in your account. The unlimited evaluation can be added to any existing licence for only 49 € plus VAT per month.

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