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Important change for the evaluation of conversions

2 Minutes Reading time

by Katrin Nebermann

There are three ways to measure a conversion in etracker analytics:

  1. Orders as lead or sale (purchase), which in turn are recorded via
    • eCommerce event (manually integrated or via a store plugin) or
    • Parameters in the tracking code.
  2. Conversion processes (formerly website goals) that can be created in etracker analytics from recorded page views and events or engagement thresholds under Settings → Conversion processes.
  3. Conversion actions that can be configured in the etracker tag manager with page views or element clicks as triggers.

This provides maximum flexibility to evaluate the performance of the website and thus of onsite and campaign measures.

Speaking of evaluation: Up to now, the different types of conversion mentioned above have been presented in different key figures and metrics. This could lead to rather unwieldy reports with many columns.

But hooray: This has now come to an end! On June 3, 2024, all conversion metrics will be merged into a uniform group of metrics with conversion number, conversion value and conversion rate.

The breakdown by individual conversions no longer requires the tedious addition of extra key figures. Simply add the Conversion Name dimension to the report and move the order of the dimensions if necessary. And now you can see the number, value and rate broken down by individual conversions.

If only certain conversions are desired in the report, simply use the filter function and optionally save as a report view. The eCommerce reports naturally still have the usual order figures.

Please check whether existing e-mail reports should be adapted. For API queries and the conversion upload, the changeover will initially have no impact. If orders via purchases and checkout process appear twice as conversions in reports or processes do not appear under conversions, simply edit the corresponding conversion process and adjust the setting Measure process as conversion.

Regardless of possible checkout processes: Please check whether the setting “Measure process as conversion” is configured as desired for the conversion processes you have created.

Merging the conversion metrics with the new conversion name dimension significantly simplifies the evaluation of success and thus facilitates optimization.

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