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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) changeover – make the right switch now

Discover the alternative to Universal Analytics.

Google will discontinue Universal Analytics on July 1, 2023. The switch to GA4 poses many challenges and risks. Historical data cannot be transferred. The problem of US data transfer remains. Due to the use of data by Google, users may only be tracked with their consent. And the new interface is more for BI professionals. Not to mention the many “teething troubles” and missing functions.

Migration to Google Analytics 4 or etracker analytics?

Why many companies decide to migrate to etracker analytics:

  • Avoid data loss
    etracker analytics is tested consent-free and can even record visits with ad and tracking blockers
  • Minimize legal risks
    With etracker analytics, data processing is GDPR-compliant within the EU
  • Import existing data
    Historical data from Universal Analytics can be easily imported to etracker analytics and permanently saved for comparisons
  • Simply migrate tracking
    Thanks to auto-tracking, UTM campaign matching, Google Ads connection and much more. the changeover is mastered in no time
  • Evaluations as usual
    GA4 requires significantly more familiarization and training than switching to etracker analytics

It’s that easy to switch!

Follow these steps to put your data analysis and quality on a secure footing for the future:

  1. Create an etracker account and test it for 30 days – no obligations (no credit card and no cancellation required)
  2. Optional: Set up your own tracking domain
  3. Install etracker code or plugin
  4. Link cookie activation with Consent Management (CMP)
  5. Copy and paste template for data protection notice
  6. Set up conveniently in the integrated tag management
  7. Link Google Ads account
  8. Set up alarms and e-mail reporting
  9. Optional: Activate Looker Studio Connector
  10. Start Google Universal Analytics data import


From now on, you can enjoy the best data quality, regardless of content rates, cookie runtimes, EU-US agreements, browser protection measures and plug-ins.

On request, our consultants will take you by the hand with this etracker Analytics starter package:

  • Tagging Plan & Check
  • GDPR & cookie consent check
  • Online training for content and marketing analytics, email reporting & alerts
  • 8 hours of premium service with an etracker expert for a one-time fee of 1,000 euros

Start your migration now or book an appointment with one of our migration experts.

Migration to Google Analytics 4 or etracker Analytics?

It’s that easy to switch!

Start your migration now