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Four alarms that (almost) everyone needs

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by Katrin Nebermann

Not every marketer monitors their KPIs in etracker analytics on a daily basis. In most cases, this is not necessary. However, the aim is to prevent certain problems from being discovered days after they occur and causing unnecessary damage. Fortunately, there is an alarm function that can be used to be automatically informed by e-mail about exceptionally positive or negative developments. These four alarms should not be missing:

  • Dramatic slump in traffic
  • Significant increase in 404 error page views
  • Sharp drop in conversion rates
  • Very high increase in bounce rate

Depending on the fluctuations from weekday to weekday, the be more suitable compared to the previous day or the same day of the previous week. Depending on the normal fluctuation range, the threshold value is set to not trigger alarms too frequently. If in doubt, you must use a experiment a little. The graphic above shows how this is exemplified in the settings. Depending on the business model and neuralgic points, other or additional alarms may be useful, as well as a Focus on special segments such as mobile devices.

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