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Scroll behavior by medium and campaign

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Scroll behavior by medium and campaign

by Katrin Nebermann

Scroll behavior by medium and campaign

The scrollmap is an excellent tool to analyze engagement with individual pages by device type. The visual representation with the scrolling behavior projected onto the respective page helps enormously to understand the scrolling in the context of the individual page sections. The tabular evaluation options for scrolling behavior should not be overlooked.

A major advantage of the scrollmap report is that it can be segmented by medium and campaign, among other things.

This can provide valuable insights into whether a dedicated landing page is worthwhile for the campaign or whether certain page areas should be optimized. However, if the scrolling behavior differs greatly between campaigns or traffic channels, it can be understood more as an indicator of the quality of the traffic than of the content. In any case, the scrollmap report can provide you with exciting additional insights to the visual map.

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