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Real-time reporting for publishers

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Real-time reporting for publishers

by Katrin Nebermann

Real-time reporting for publishers

For publishers in particular, content can be very fast-moving and every minute can count when it comes to responding to trends and hype. We have therefore added a new report to the live reports in etracker Analytics.

Data processing in the standard reports usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes to aggregate the data, attribute journeys, etc. In live reports, on the other hand, the data is available directly in real time.

The current number of visitors in the dashboard:

The dashboard shows you the current number of visitors to your website in real time.

Under Basic Reports → Visitors → Last Visitors the current visitors (with a green dot) with their individual journeys:

The Last Visitors report also shows the current visitors with a green dot in real time.

New: The top pages of the last five minutes under Basic Reports → Visitors → Latest pages:

What's new is that you can now see the top pages of the last five minutes in the last pages report.

With the latest data, it is possible to react even faster and in a more targeted manner. The report also helps with QA to ensure that new pages are entered correctly.

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