Tip of the Week: Newsletter registrations

Cleverly increase newsletter registrations

Email newsletters are still an excellent tool for customer retention and communication. The more sign-ups there are, the greater the chances of success. Exit-intent pop-ups are a clever way to increase registrations and win back unsubscribers.

With etracker Analytics, you can measure exits and shopping cart abandonments as well as newsletter sign-ups. etracker Optimiser helps to target registration dialogues and automatically transfer registration data to MailChimp & Co. It’s as simple as this:

1. Set triggers.

2. Enter email system data.

3. Design dialogue.

4. Optionally carry out further segmentation, e.g. for origin via price search engines.

5. Define the name, URLs and timing.

Pop-ups and message bars can of course also be used for many other purposes in order to play out suitable content at the right moment.

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