Tip of the Week: multiple domains

Tracking multiple domains

In principle, each etracker account is assigned a unique tracking code via the corresponding account key. This tracking code can be used on any domains and subdomains. All measured interactions in connection with the respective tracking code are combined in one account. The respective domain is automatically recorded. Reports in etracker Analytics can be segmented or filtered according to the “domain” dimension.

For reporting purposes, however, counting several web presences together in a single account is usually not useful and makes the analysis per web presence more difficult. This is particularly the case

  • if several Google Ads instances are also used and separate conversion uploads are therefore required.
  • if certain users are to be granted access only to data of selected domains.

We recommend:

  • Use of one account for one related web presence (and associated mobile app, if applicable).
  • Use of multi-account management in the settings to enable users to switch easily between multiple accounts with a single login (via single sign-on).
  • Use of the REST reporting interface in conjunction with MS Excel or Google Data Studio to create dynamically updating overviews of the most important key figures across multiple accounts.

Use the collective licence advantage: Either individual licences or a collective licence (Account Collection) for several accounts (Enterprise Edition) can be booked. The collective licence has several advantages:

  • Price benefit compared to individual licensing
  • Cross-account traffic quota possible (tracking requests per month)
  • One invoice for the entire collective licence
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