Tip of the Week CW 04 (2022)

 Deep insights thanks to click path table

The graphical representation of the click paths provides a good insight into navigation behaviour of the users and thus into the page flow. To maintain clarity, the top 5 or 10 flows per selected page are displayed. For deeper path analyses, it is recommended to use the click path table. You can proceed as follows:

1. Activate all three dimensions in the table. 

2. Filter the entries to the page you want to analyze by using the advanced filter. 

Now you see in the table all path combinations to the selected page with previous and next page as well as entries and exits. 

If there is no entry for the previous page or if it contains a dash (“-“), these are Entries on the selected page. If there is no entry for the next page or if it contains a dash (“-“), these are Exits after the selected page. Both key figures are displayed. The number of page views corresponds exactly to the frequency of the path combination shown in the table.


Here, 155 times out of 151 visitors in the selected period switched from the home page to the price page and then left the website: 

Here, the registration page was accessed 15 times by 14 visitors from the home page via the price page: 

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