Tip of the Week CW 01 (2022)

Track campaigns with dynamic values.

Important information for campaign measurement and optimisation can be transferred as static or dynamic parameter values:

Static: The transferred value is fixed, e.g. etcc_cmp=brand (campaign name).

Dynamic: The values are added automatically by the ad platforms using variables, e.g. etcc_bky={keyword}.  {keyword} stands for the booked keyword that triggered the display of the ad.

Unfortunately, marketing platforms don’t offer matching variables for all desired information. For example, Google Ads only offers variables for the campaign and ad group IDs, but not for their labels. Therefore, a mix of static and dynamic values is often useful.

Use variables as consistent as possible across all platforms. Creating a table in this form helps with this:

Campaign segmentetracker parameterGoogle AdsFacebook/ Instagram AdsMicrosoft AdvertisingBaidu AdsYandex.Direct
Mediumetcc_medSEASocial%20MediaSEA SEASEA
Campaignetcc_cmp{campaignid} or manual input{{campaign.name}}{Campaign}manual input{campaign_name}
Groupetcc_grp{adgroupid} or manual input{{adset.name}}{AdGroup}{gbid}
Booked keywordetcc_bky{keyword}{keyword:default}{keywordid}{keyword}
Match typeetcc_mty{matchtype}{MatchType}{match_type}
Booked Deviceetcc_bde{device}{Device}{device_type}
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