Tip of the week: entries

It all comes down to the start

Website visitors are generally regarded as “impatient creatures”. The bounce rate, meaning the proportion of visits with only one page view, is usually between 40% and 60%. A third of bouncers are of the particularly impatient type who do not even linger for five seconds. The latter can be easily identified with segments by forming cohorts from the length of stay and number of page views:

hard bouncer

The analysis of the top entry pages in terms of SEO rankings is just as important as for SEA performance. The key figure entries can be used for evaluation in page-related reports:

In the marketing reports, the dimensions entry page and entry URL are available for the evaluations:

Entry URL

This way, not only traffic and engagement can be evaluated depending on the source and entry page, but also conversions and sales. It can also be exciting to analyze the entries in the ecommerce product performance report in order to answer the question: Which items are viewed after the entry page and which are ordered?

Entry URL and Product name

Using the segment editor, all entries on product detail pages can generally be summarized as a group and much more.

The entry page and entry URL are helpful dimensions for gaining valuable insights into SEO, performance marketing and onsite optimization.

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