Tip of the Week (CW47)

Easily track clicks on elements that consist of multiple parts.

CSS selectors make it very easy to measure events on web pages without requiring developer resources and changes to the HTML code.


Sometimes clickable elements consist of several individual selectors, such as for the centre and the frame of a button. But if you only select the selector for the centre of the button without the frame, not all clicks will be counted.

How are all clicks on the button recorded?


As a CSS selector, both selectors can be entered comma-separated, so that clicks on the button are recorded both centrally and at the edge of the button.

Input scheme: [Selekor#1], [Selektor#2], [Selektor#n]

The entry in the configuration of the CSS Selector Events under Settings → CSS Selector Events could look like this, for example:

#main-content > div > div:nth-child(37) > ul > li > a, #main-content > div > div:nth-child(37) > ul > li > a > span

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